Acts of Justice (Love People/Together)


With Acts of Justice, together we take the movement of Jesus to the structures and systems of our city. Acts of justice remind us that God’s love is expressed not just through compassion but through the dismantling of oppressive structures in our city. We will not just minister to people in need, but ask why they are in need in the first place. If people are being treated unjustly, then we must confront the persons or systems that cause the injustice (Amos 5:24 and Luke 4:16-21).  Acts of compassion require acts of justice to follow.

In an interview with Ignite magazine, David Crowder shares how a friend helped him differentiate between compassion and justice: 

Compassion is when we’re all sitting on the side of a river watching people drown and responding by pulling people out.  But justice is when someone pokes their head up and says, ‘You know what?  I’m going to go upstream and see who keeps throwing everyone into the river.’


We act with justice and compassion at CrossPoint through what we call “missional communities.”  A missional community is a reproducing group of people on mission to BE the church.

They will be comprised of people who are committed to living beyond themselves and to embody the gospel with a particular cause to different domains of society.  Such as:

  • The Poor
  • Health care
  • Art
  • Family
  • Government
  • Music
  • Business
  • Education
  • Justice

These missional communities are led by the people of CrossPoint, de-centralized, and exist to make disciples. They live and/or work among a pocket of people in order to demonstrate faith through frequency, proximity, and spontaneity. 

Because of the very high percentage of “nones” in our target area (57%), we believe that a traditional attractional model of church (“come to us”) would be an uphill battle.  Therefore, our missional communities (“go to them”) will entail about 57% of our effort. In other words, we will attempt to hold the “missional” and “attractional” focus in tension. 


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