Foundations - "Worship"

There is an old story about a mystic named the Great Akeva who lived a couple thousand years ago. One night Akeva is traveling home but it is dark and foggy and his misses the turn off to his village.  So instead of going to the right, he goes to the left and he finds himself a massive Roman military outpost.  

As he approaches the garrison, a soldier yells down to Akeva – “Who are you?  And what are you doing here?”

Akeva pauses for a minute and then says, “How much are they paying you?”

The soldier says, “what?”

Akevea shouts up again to the wall, “How much are they paying you?”

The solider pauses for a minute and then says, “20 denarius a week.”

Akeva says, “I’ll pay you twice that to come to my house and ask me those two questions every morning.”

Who are you?  What are you doing here? These are the ultimate questions of life and really the question that we try to answer when we gather to worship together. 

In this message, Pastor Dana wrapped up the conversation about “Foundations” by thinking about Worship.  Why is worship so important?  What is going on in us as we gather together?