Dollar Cost Living

We are in a series of messages called, “How to BE Rich.”  The idea is simple – there are lots of people who are telling us how to GET rich but not many voices telling us how to BE rich once we get there.

In the New Testament, Paul gives really good advice to those who are rich.  And even though we don’t feel like it, most of us Americans ARE rich.  And we have unique temptations, like relying on our wealth for security rather than trusting in God. 
This week we are going to look at another unique problem with being rich – being generous with what we have.  I’m sure that none of us feel like we have “extra time” or “extra money” but this week Paul challenges us to rethink how we handle our time and money.  Instead of being spontaneous givers, Paul asks:  What would happen if we pre-determined where our time and money went?