Christmas Conversations, Part 1: "Joy" with Bob Condon

 For the next couple of Sundays, we are having what we are calling “Christmas Conversations”.  Instead of me preaching at you, I’m going to interview and discuss aspects of the Christmas story with a couple of other CrossPointers. 

This Sunday, Bob Condon and I are going to reflect together on the story of the Magi or the Wise Men from the Christmas story.  We really don’t know that much about them.  Most people think there were three of them because they brought three gifts to the baby Jesus: Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.  The truth is, the Bible never tells us how many of them there are; there could have been two or ten or maybe three.  They were from the “East,” which means they were probably from what is now modern day Iran or Iraq. They were open to learning from other people and other cultures.  In fact, they had read the ancient books of Israel.