Crave, Part 2: "Destiny"

When you were a young child, what did you want to be when you grew up?  A doctor?  A fireman?  A veterinarian?  A professional athlete? 

What is remarkable is that as young children, we aspire to be anything. When we are children, we have food, shelter, clothes, toys, chauffeurs, a personal bodyguard, and a private chef. We really don’t need a job. We don’t have any bills to pay. What would possibly motivate us to work?

But we all aspire to something -- and usually it is something great.  The younger we are, the less we are grounded in reality. We dream bigger and more ridiculous dreams. This universal soul craving is called “Destiny” – our longing to pursue something more and better for ourselves or the world.  Without this sense of destiny or hope, our souls begin to die. 

This Sunday we are continuing our series called, “Crave” by looking at the soul craving of  “Destiny.”