Crave, Part 3: "Meaning"

This Sunday we will be looking at the soul craving of meaning.  The one place your soul cannot stand to live is in a land of meaninglessness – a place that believes that life is arbitrary, random, or senseless. 
If we live our lives without meaning, we find ourselves consumed by phobias and controlled by superstitions.  Even if we don’t understand life, our minds will try and make something up to give it meaning. We will find meaning in our reality no matter how twisted or nonsensical it is.  We will even choose to believe something that is false so that we don’t have to have the destabilizing effect of thinking that our lives are unmanageable and that we have no control over our circumstances.

We will be reflecting this Sunday on this soul craving of meaning: how it gets twisted in our lives and how it points us to God.