Soul Food: How to Make Your Soul Healthy

In recent years, the medical community has developed an amazing new technology called “Magnetic Resonance Imaging” or “MRI.” With an MRI, doctors are able to see the inner parts of the human body without opening patients up. 

Someone told me the most difficult part of their MRI was when the technician told them to “hold still and don’t swallow.” Telling someone to not swallow for 15 minutes is like telling them to not think about pink elephants. Suddenly swallowing becomes the one overwhelming obsession of one’s life. As the minutes dragged on, they told me that their tongue seemed to be glued to the back of their throat, obstructing their airway. They were aware of sensations related to swallowing and the anatomy of their throat that they had never given a thought to before. But it is all worth it to be able to see what is going on inside of the human body.

The psalmist wrote, “Surely you desire truth in the inner parts.” (Psalm 15:2; NASB) This got me to thinking: What if there was an MRI for the soul? What if I were able to sit in a doctor’s office and there was the truth -- not about my body -- but about my inward parts: my will, my mind, and the habits and appetites of my body? What if when you came to church everybody could see an MRI of your soul? Would attendance go up or down? 

We are in a series of conversations about the soul. This Sunday we will be looking at improving the health of our souls. I hope you can join us!