Jonah: Who Matters to God?

We are wrapping up our conversation about Jonah. We have been hearing this children’s story from a fresh perspective trying to appreciate its humor, irony, and symbolism.  Last time, the reluctant prophet made his way across Nineveh with a sermon that was half-baked at best.  But in spite of Jonah’s lack of enthusiasm, Nineveh changes its ways and God relents his judgment on them.  
One would think that Jonah would be thrilled.  This is the greatest spiritual achievement of his ministry.  But in yet another odd twist, Jonah is furious with God.  And the reason he is angry might surprise you.  The book ends with a genius twist that the first readers would not have seen coming.  
We’ll see this Sunday that Jonah’s life is meant to be a mirror of our own self-righteousness and our own apathy about people at times.  I hope you can join us!