Epic: Elijah

This Sunday we are wrapping up our series of messages called “Epic."  We are having conversations with folks in our church about an Old Testament story that has been meaningful to them.  This Sunday, James Stewart and Serena Hicks will be talking about a wild and crazy character from the Old Testament: Elijah.  

Elijah was a hot-headed fiery prophet but also probably was a bit bi-polar.  He would go from great highs to suicidal depression.  He performed some amazing miracles: called fire from Heaven, raised someone from the dead, and saved a widow’s life with perpetual oil and flour.  But he also struggled with insecurity and depression.
Elijah is a complicated person, but his story tells us a lot about the things like: what we give priority to in our lives, how we treat the vulnerable people around us, what it means to trust God, how to deal with depression, and how to be a spiritual person in a noisy and busy world.