How We Change: Grace

A few years ago, I used to frequent one of those factory outlet stores.  The prices were cheap and for good reason – most of the clothes were deemed “slightly irregular.”  

I was never quite sure what “slightly irregular” meant and quite often could not figure out how the clothes were different than “regular” clothes. Besides, I figured, it kind of described me – I’M often “slightly irregular.”

When it comes to the human race, we are all “slightly irregular"-- in need of being changed in to something better.  There is a mind that will not open. There is a mouth that will not shut. There is a backbone that won’t hold firm. There is a stiff neck that won’t yield. It is true of every one of us. We are our own worst enemy.  Many of the problems in our lives have been brought about by our own poor decisions and selfishness – greed, anger, lust, lack of self-control. We are in desperate need of a better version of ourselves.   But how does that happen? 

This Sunday we are starting a series of messages about how God changes people. Henry Cloud said,“Transformation requires grace plus truth plus time.” This Sunday we are going to look at the first book of the Bible and how God’s grace is concretely expressed from the very beginning of time.