Five Words to Change Your Life: Help

We are continuing the series that we started on Sunday called “Five Words to Change Your Life.” The idea is this : Every week, we will look at just one word and how God can use that one word to change your life.
This Sunday’s word is really a prayer. It is a confession of need. It is the word help. Sometimes we pray it for ourselves. Sometimes we pray it for other people.
Years ago, when I attending seminary in Kansas City, I was a member of an inner-city church called Seven Oaks Church. I really loved the people of that little church.  Once they even asked me to preach when the pastor was on vacation.  It was the first time I ever preached at a church where people talked back to you while you are preaching, I learned that when the sermon is going well, people will say a lot of different things. If it is going well, they’ll say stuff like, “Yes, yes, yes!” or, “Well, well, well!” or “Preach it!”
But if the sermon is not going well, you can tell because people will say, “Help him, Jesus!” As a preacher, you do not want to hear, “Help him, Jesus!” I do not want to hear that prayer, because sometimes I am in a position where I need help, but I do not want to admit that I need help.

There is a bunch of reasons why we often do not ask for help: we do not want to look weak or we do not want to be in debt to somebody for helping us out.  Sometimes I don’t even realize I need help, or I’m afraid if I ask somebody for help, they’ll take over, and I’ll lose control.
Sunday we will be looking at the story of Jesus first miracle: turning water into wine at a wedding.  This story will help us think through the “help” that we need in our lives and how to ask for it.