Church Without Walls: Neighbors

Growing up, my parents moved a lot and I remember living in several houses in Lodi, California; Sacramento, California, and Winnipeg, Canada.  When we lived in Canada, there was a house on McGill Ave that I remember most vividly.  There was a kid named Greg across the street whose parents had a pool table.  We had a lot of fun with that pool table until one summer day we scratched the felt on it.  His parents didn’t think too highly of that and our dreams of being pool sharks ended.  

Since I graduated from college in 1988, I’ve lived in seven cities and seventeen different houses or apartments.  I’ve had good neighbors and some really bad neighbors.  Some made lots of noise, smoked various substances, or their houses and yards were messy.  

Living next door to the house full of partying college students was probably the worst neighbors I had. 
I am still Facebook friends or stay in contact with many of my former neighbors. They are great people who I care about deeply and miss. 
“Neighbor” is a powerful word. There is no word quite like it. There is beauty and kindness in that simple word.  When you hear the word neighbor, who do you think of?
Jesus had a lot to say about neighbors and how to relate to them.  As we continue our conversation, “A Church Without Walls,” we are going to reflect on our neighborhoods and what Jesus has to say about them.