Church Without Walls: Finding God in Unexpected Places

The past few weeks we’ve been in a series we’re calling Church Without Walls. We’ve explored pushing the fence out further, looked at moving away from an ‘us/them’ mindset to realize that we’re all us, and last week Dana pushed us to go to the other side- to get outside our comfort zones. I have absolutely loved this series! I feel like it’s the true heartbeat of our identity as a community of Jesus, and I am excited to get tag on to the end of it and close down this group of messages.

This week, we’ll wrap up the Church Without Walls series by exploring what it might really mean to find Jesus. We’ll look at the book of Acts to explore how ‘outsiders’ made their way into the church, and how this shaped the DNA of the church. (If you want the inside scoop, read Acts 10 & 11 before Sunday).

We’ll also look at what a little neurobiology might have to teach us about our difficulties seeing what God is up to when we’re in uncomfortable or unfamiliar settings. We will take a brief tour of world religions with some surprising encounters with Jesus along the way.

All of this wandering in search of an answer to the question, “what does it mean to find Jesus?” I’m excited to have this opportunity to share with you all, and expectant for God to show up in big and surprising ways in our conversations together.