What Does it Mean That We are “Progressive”?

CrossPoint finds itself at a unique cultural moment in American Christianity.  Most of the public conversation about Christianity is, unfortunately, focused around the Evangelical movement.  Popular news outlets tend to focus on Evangelicalism even though it only makes up 26% of those who self-identify as “Christian” in our country.  In more recent days, the marriage of Evangelicalism with the Donald Trump presidency has made it challenging for many people who love Jesus and his teachings but do not want to be associated with the Republican Party’s agenda or policies that run counter to their convictions.


CrossPoint is not a partisan organization.  However, we believe that there are important issues and public policy that effect our life together and are vital to following the way of Jesus: the poor, the marginalized, immigrants, the hungry, and the homeless. 

Additionally, at this point in American culture, many churches are intentionally vague about their views surrounding LGBTQI+ issues.  We think this ambiguity is not only unhelpful but easily becomes a “bait and switch” situation in which people can be deeply hurt.  As a result, CrossPoint has submitted information to ChurchClarity.com in order to be as transparent as possible about our practices surrounding both women and people who identify as LGBTQ.  Please see our Church Clarity page for more details: https://www.churchclarity.org/church/crosspoint-church-386

We understand that for many the LGBTQI+ discussion is a complex and highly emotional issue that requires a lot of open and frank conversation as well as grace and understanding. We are committed to doing that hard work.  That being said, we want to be clear that all are welcome at CrossPoint no matter their experiences, background, hang-ups, hurts, racial identification, gender identification, or sexual orientation. 

For a more nuanced explanation of our LGBTQ+ position, please listen to the conversation we had with Pastor Dana Hicks and Dr. Heather Witt from Boise State University in the Fall of 2016: http://xpoint.church/podcast/2016/11/1/whats-behind-door-5


Finally, CrossPoint has voluntarily submitted our name to the Convergence Network (https://convergenceus.org/)  as a congregation that prioritizes the following values:

1. equality for all people

2. advocating for the rights of immigrants, people of color, and people who identify as LGBTQ

3. a commitment to work together in the healing and protecting of our planet.

So, when we say we are a “progressive” church, this is what we mean: We are committed to the way of Jesus that involves more than the narrow understanding of Evangelicalism.  We are concerned not just for our own souls but for our community, for our planet, and for those who find themselves marginalized in our society. 

If this vision is one that resonates with your own spiritual journey, we would love to have you be a part of our movement for justice, compassion, faith, and worship.